CDP Website

CDP is creating a mechanism of support, inspiration, and networking for emerging collectors of contemporary art in China.

The CDP website, launched in early 2010, is the online tool whereby people beginning to collect art can find the resources they need. While CDP as a project has activities suited to collectors at every level of expertise, this website is primarily designed for those at the beginning of their journey as collector.

Various resources have been created for people in the art world. Many books on the art market and on collecting art are available. Websites that give statistics about artist sales and exhibitions have been developed and are easy to use. Courses on art appreciation and art business are popular for people wanting to take things a step higher. The most widely used of these resources are listed here.

The art directory is the first online resource of its kind in Chinese. Even though such information is widely available in English, some people may find our Asia Pacific Museum Map useful to navigate the art scene in Asia.

Please visit the official website of CDP: